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What's Buzzin' ?

Hey there..  Welcome to Buzzin.Digital, where creativity and innovation collide to tell stories that truly resonate, and engagement glows, and grows.

Our journey began with a twist of fate that took us from designing landscapes to the dynamic world of media, and all started when our founder, faced with an unexpected injury, made a pivot into TV and radio. Little did he know that this detour would lead to an exciting opportunity – a chance invite to collaborate on a massively successful YouTube project.
Fast forward a decade, and Buzzin has worked on a range of projects from big brand social media management, ensuring that a clients and customers are looked after online and across a number of accounts, to supporting creators and companies create amazing content, and across a diverse spectrum of locations and events, one most notable being from inside a shipping container, at a world renowned music festival. 

At Buzzin.Digital, we thrive on thinking outside the box.

We believe that the best ideas come from embracing different perspectives and letting imaginations run wild.
Inspired by the beauty of nature and fuelled by digital wizardry, experiences are crafted that grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

But it’s not just about being creative – it’s also about doing our bit for the planet. On a mission to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible while making a big impact online, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life for us.

So, if you are looking to dive into a world where storytelling meets innovation, Buzzin.Digital is the place to be.
Join us, where every project is a chance to glow and grow !

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Our customers are Buzzin..

"Created such a buzz we saw an increase in sales and received a couple of interesting opportunities for further PR."
Nicole O
Award-Winning Marketing Coach
"Brilliant at taking me through all the options and tools available to create great content for my artist client"
Annabel C
Social Media Advisor to Artists and Arts Organisations
"Great at suggesting subtle changes, editing skills are incredible & generous with advice on how I can improve my videos."
Natalie P


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